Edinburg Family Law Attorneys

Careful and constructive planning during the breakup of a marriage is fundamental for avoiding unnecessary complications and protecting your future. With so much at stake, making clear-headed decisions can be difficult. As experienced Edinburg family law attorneys, we can help you navigate through complex divorce proceedings and reach solutions that meet your needs.

As a father-and-son law practice, Martinez & Martinez, PLLC, is dedicated to helping families throughout the Rio Grande Valley area with all types of family legal disputes. Whether you are seeking mediation services or are filing for a contested divorce, we will work diligently to protect your rights and pursue a favorable outcome.

Trusted Representation For Family Disputes

Ending a marriage is emotionally and financially draining. We provide compassionate, yet assertive representation to reduce stress and reach swift settlements. Martinez & Martinez, PLLC, is a trusted resource for assistance with all types of family legal issues, including:

Through skilled negotiation and aggressive litigation, we will advocate on your behalf in all divorce-related matters. For reliable, results-driven representation, contact us today.

McAllen, Texas, Child Support Attorney

Navigating through the divorce process becomes even more complex when children are involved. Child custody and support disputes are some of the most contentious problems to resolve. An experienced lawyer can help you devise a plan that meets your needs while serving the best interests of your children. Whether explaining child dependency laws or litigating a child neglect case, we protect our clients' rights and their families through highly responsive service and forceful representation.

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If you are filing for divorce, you need a lawyer with experience you can trust and the conscientious approach you deserve. At Martinez & Martinez, PLLC, our mission is providing exceptional service to help clients face and overcome legal challenges. Call 956-661-9292 to schedule an initial consultation or contact us online. We accept credit cards and offer payment plans. Se habla español.